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Lonchura Bicolor These are photos of non-breeding flights. In non-breeding flights, we keep the number of birds per cage to a minimum so as to allow for plenty

of flight area. We provide a 5 watt heat rock (the type designed for reptiles from ZooMed) plugged into a standard lamp-timer which is set to turn on

daily at 4pm and off again at 9am in colder months. This provides a heat choice if the birds choose to go there - but also allows them to leave it

alone if they choose. Mannikins do best if they have others to huddle with at night or if startled.  They have a very high metabolism and nearly no body fat,

they must eat a substantial amount of food daily to keep warm enough through the nights. We do not feed our birds live insects or larvae, they

are parent-raised vegetarians. While Mannikins are primarily seed eaters, we vary their diet daily including a wide variety of foods: broccoli greens, fresh fruit and vegetable choices and a variety of other small seeds - millet, oat groats, 9 grain cereal (non sugared) sometimes we alternate offering them Mazuri finch mix, or Harrison's Superfine Finch pellets so they are used to eating them as well. They like steamed rice, carrots, carrot greens, salad greens, corn, snap peas, green beans and many more foods..... these are sweet natured birds with a lovely temperament.



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